wrapped in my sun blanket, sat on my couch, drinking apple cider, listening to the smiths and ‘working from home’. i can have a blanket cape at home whereas as work, it’s just a blanket dress.

still slightly gobsmacked that a few centimeters of snow closed even the post office. i must be the only person in the lower mainland with snow tires.

thinking that i should make soup for dinner, but not sure what kind.

wondering if its too early to watch ‘christmas vacation’?

amused over this nicolas cage montage.

really wishing i had some type of candy. have a craving for fuzzy peaches. that almost never happens.

thinking that if i had to work out of my house on a regular basis, i would never get anything done. i’ve already had a nap and it’s not yet noon.

procrastinating further by writing this post when i really should be doing my research.

currently…you are?



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9 responses to “currently…

  1. kelly

    nothing is closed here, much to the dismay of some.

    Soup, you’re mostly vegetarian yes? How about a nice squash soup or a cauliflower and parsnip, corn chowder, I would really like a bowl of mulliatawny soup, or a favourite is a cabbage, farmers sausage, etc with raisins.

    I checked it is too early for christmas vacation, sorry

    candy is always good, I’ve been hankering those soft white chewy peppermint candies.

    Currently I have just finished shoveling the apron in fornt of the hall, not just me but a few of us.

  2. Kelly’s wrong. I just dug out our Christmas Vacation movie. It’s not too early.

  3. iduality

    Kelly: Yes, I’m a vegetarian. But you’ve just listed the only veggies I don’t like :) Went with some lentil curry soup.

    Think a trip to the store might be in store later. At least you had help shoveling. Glad I’m on an apt now – still snowing lots out there.

    John: I watched it this afternoon :) Never fails to make me smile…if only I could find some of those moose cups.

  4. kelly

    Oh oh you two are gonna be in trouble!

  5. It’s never too early for Christmas Vacation or to sing Mele Kalikimaka, for that matter.

    Currently I am recalling the downside to chinooks – the exploding sinuses.

  6. iduality

    I find myself randomly singing Mele Kalikimaka all year round ;)

    Ouch. Hope the weather starts to stabilize a bit there!

  7. I am very impressed that you have snow tires!

    I could totally use some eye candy, too…

  8. elf

    Currently I am… wearing my Smiths t-shirt and…

    Shaking a fist at Cartel Coffee Lab for being closed, yet giving the Public Market a handclap for making damn good coffee.

    Enjoying the 60 degree weather.

    Thinking I should buy that new Stephen King book, it is 30% off…

    Plotting the return…

  9. WC: I moved to Northern BC in the winter of ’09 so I had my snow tires on from Ontario. I’ve just kept them on since. I will have to put on new all seasons this spring.

    Eye candy is a bit harder to come by. ;)

    F: Similar situation happened to me yesterday – my local coffee shop was closed from the snow. Chai Tea at home isn’t the same. Glad you were able to find a good replacement though!

    Well, if it’s on sale, then you must.

    Good luck with the plotting, and enjoy the cool clime while you can. :)

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