out damn spot

I’m fairly certain that this floor had not been scrubbed since 1988.

It’s a theme with most of the things at this museum(s). I have spent the last year and a bit tackling the exhibition side of things and now that that is under control I’m starting in on other tasks; like cleaning and conservation. Last year I was not at our sister facility at all (where this picture was taken), and I will never again trust a student when they tell me they’ve mopped the floor. And although it took me all afternoon, things are spotless now and I no longer cringe when I walk through this room.

What annoying tasks have you done recently that you’d been putting off?



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5 responses to “out damn spot

  1. kelly

    clean the gutters (before the snow)

    clean glass in the shower

    sort crap on my desk (how does it multiply so much?)

    all these annoying tasks seem to be cleaning related

  2. Filing. I realized a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t filed in months, which of course meant that I also hadn’t documented business expenses in months either, setting off the inevitable office domino effect.

  3. I need to do a big clean in my office too. I’m putting it off to just before I go away on holidays. Figure I’ll sort things out for the new year then. A few more weeks of chaos won’t hurt. ;)

  4. Oh, I have a list…vacuuming, hand-washing bras, de-cluttering, shovelling the front steps, prepping for Xmas…I could go on.

  5. My weekend list is getting longer…at least we’re all listing together. ;)

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