stop making sense

i had my record player shipped from back east this past week. my favourite thing to do now is put on a record while i make dinner/clean up. i had forgotten how much i missed the pops and hisses while cooking.

when i was growing up, we were never one of those families that ate dinner at a set time. typically we would never eat before 7pm. this had a lot to do with my parents work schedules, as they wouldn’t be home until 6pm. but once home, and dinner preparation set in, the stereo would always be on. we’d always have dinner prep music, and then sit down music. “what are we listening to next?” is the most often repeated phrase in my house while cooking. which i’m sure is the case for many of you too.

what is your favourite record to listen to while cooking? while eating?



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8 responses to “stop making sense

  1. You’d never miss the pops and hisses if you only fried bacon.

    Depends on the day I’m cooking, but for Sunday brunches it’s often old country music, just because it reminds me of my mom’s brunches (can I get an ‘awww’?). I hated it as a kid, but now, bring on the Patsy Cline.

  2. I miss peameal bacon especially. We’d have it every weekend.

    Same here! My dad is huge Patsy Cline fan, and it’s only recently I’ve started to enjoy her music. Also keen on Loretta Lynn for Sunday brunch music.

  3. Did you hear the Loretta Lynn/ Jack White collaboration? I vinyl copy of that would be quite cool.

  4. I did, quite lovely. I don’t have it on vinyl though – that would be nice. His record company is doing some great things these days. The packaging of their records alone is tops!

  5. elf

    My favorite record to cook to is Miles Davis – Kinda Blue. Have a tendency to turn the music off while eating though.
    I just picked up a copy of Supertramp – Breakfast in America on vinyl the other day… w00t!!

  6. iduality

    Good choice. I like a little background noise while eating, but nothing to loud.

    Always liked the cover art on that one. When I was really young, I’d go through my parents record collection and choose bands to play based solely on the album art. Thankfully, got out of that habit.

  7. During the week, I generally have CBC on whilst cooking and eating – the World at 6 and As It Happens. But come Friday night, all bets are off and the music comes on. It’s rarely the same album twice, though.

  8. And you’ve conveniently located your CD collection in the kitchen – very wise! :)

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