i’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast

I dreamt last night of a gangster tea party.

It was quite the lively event. Perhaps my favourite part was the shooting of colourful macaroons through the air. Or the suspenders hanging from the chandelier.

This has everything to do with the fact I have been immersing myself in the television show Boardwalk Empire, and well, I always have Alice’s Adventures not far from my mind.

If you could invite 5 people for tea, who would they be, and why?



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6 responses to “i’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast

  1. elf

    I would invite the follow people (some pepoles names have been encoded to protect the innocent) –

    Yoshimi – because we have a great rapport and we never get to have tea together
    Barack Obama – because I find him fascinating and would love to see how he and my next guest got along…
    Conan O’Brien – because he would make a great mad hatter
    Keith Richards – because an element of danger keeps you on your toes
    Elle Macpherson – because someone has to wear the french maid outfit, and it was my turn last time so I get to pick

  2. That sounds like a smashing tea party! All fine choices, you seem to have covered all the bases; good rapport, humour, with a side of the unexpected and I bet by the end of the night pieces of the french maid outfit will have made the rounds. A mark of a very good tea party. ;)

  3. elf

    really wish there was an edit button for my grammar and spelling typos, ah well.

  4. I knew what you meant. I can edit comments, but figured that might be rude. ;)

  5. kelly

    1. Allie, who makes this blog http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/
    because honestly I couldn’t stop giggling when I first found it.

    2. Flo, the girl from the Progressive insurance commercials out of the U.S. I find her strangely alluring.

    3. and 4. Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner,
    the authors of the books Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics. Fascinating take on economics.

    5. Mary Roach, the author of book Stiff, as well as others

  6. Web blog/comics are always good conversation topics. One of my favourites is The Oatmeal.

    I must read Stiff – I’ve heard so many people talk about it. Really need to add it to my list!

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