oh so happy this week is over.

have left of the dial by the replacements on full blast.

waiting for my falafel to finish baking. i hope it’s as good as the attempt i made frying them. gouda and havarti as a side. yum.

thinking about painting my nails turquoise while i wait.

looking forward to going to the theatre tonight. it’s been a while since i have seen a good play.

relieved my credit card company froze my account when they suspected a fraudulent purchase. someone in the usa was attempting to use my card on something at a mitsuhishi motor place. in this case, i’m happy teleportation does not exist. i also get a new chip card, finally!

wondering if i can find someone to go see the new harry potter film with me this weekend.

excited for libations and rock band tomorrow night.

currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. Oh dear! Any idea how your card got compromised?

    Do have fun at the play tonight! Hopefully this one does not take place in a tent on the beach. Which is lovely in summer, but…

  2. elf

    Glad you got protected from the credit card fraud. That could have sucked.

    I’ll go see Harry Potter with you if you can get a flight down here ;) Still haven’t seen Half Blood Prince yet.

    Currently I am sitting at the studio setting things up and thinking I should check out the Farmer’s Market they set up across the street.

  3. kelly

    currently, I am..

    happy power is back on,

    enjoying watching jake the jerk dog frolic in the snow (one of those things that does your heart good to watch). Well i’m not really currently doing this, we are back in the house.

    having my morning oatmeal, banana and protein powder for breakfast.

    laughing at the new posting on “Hyperbole and a Half”

  4. I, too, am curious about how your credit card info was stolen. Scary! I have a new chip card, too, and I feel a little better with it, but have a bit of a panic attack when I use it because I’m not very good at remembering PIN numbers!

    Did you paint your nails turquoise? That would be cool. I just had a thought: now that I’m not working around food for the foreseeable future, I can get back to using some nail polish!

  5. Barb: None at all. It’s happened to me before, when I was living in England. Thankfully the purchase was a bit odd so it was flagged immediately. I’ll get a new card/number next week.

    Ha! Good thing Bard on the Beach is just seasonal, eh. It’s in the negative temps today! I’ve never seen Van this cold before.

    F: Yeah, they are quite good with recognizing odd purchases, etc. Especially because it was over $500. I’d rather have it declined and make a call then have them let everything pass.

    Ha. If only my card haven’t been compromised. ;) I didn’t really care for the Half Blood Prince (the film), but I am looking forward to this one.

    Definitely should. Enjoy!

    Kelly: Yes, I love watching Sam play in the show too. It’s quite hilarious.

    Every year or so I try to convince myself I can like oatmeal…but it never works.

    Web comics are always a good way to start the day!

    WC: I am not sure how it was able to become compromised, but my new one will have a pin thankfully so it shouldn’t happen again. Fingers crossed!

    I didn’t yesterday, but that is next on my list for today. Excellent! It’s fun to mix it up with some colour on the nails ever now and again. :)

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