She just turned 11 last week.

Apparently she’s been starting to slow down over the last year, and now has a few tumours that are effecting her ability to walk. They don’t know if the tumours are cancerous, because they don’t want to go back in and do a biopsy. Or rather, they didn’t take enough the first time around and my parents don’t want to have to put her through the stress of going under again. So she’s on some pain medication, and according to my mom, has her good days and bad.

My visit home can’t come sooner.  I miss her scrunched face.


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  1. kelly

    very sorry. Unfortunately it comes way to soon with our pets who are never just pets but they quickly become important members of the family (even with a scrunched up face).

  2. Thanks. Yes, I wasn’t expecting this news today, it’s hard to think of things without her as she’s such a vibrant part of our family. Always hard to hear news like this when you’re far away too. I need to get the family hooked into Skype so I can see them more.

  3. I’m so sorry, Al. Regardless of how much we try to prepare ourselves, there is no real preparing for life without our longtime pets.

    I really hope that you are able to spend a lot of time with her at Christmas, and that she has many more good days than bad. Thinking of you and your family…

  4. iduality

    I know. I did notice her energy level was slower when I went back in the summer, but figured it was the heat.

    Really looking forward to spending 10 days at home next month. At least this month is almost over!

  5. Oh, she is a cutie! I’m sorry to hear about the tumours, Al. I know I’d be scared shitless if Juno ever got very sick. The one time she did, I was a complete basket case, but looking at something potentially terminal is another ball of wax altogether. I wish you and your family & Sam all the best.

  6. She does have the most expressive face. I love it. It was a rough week, but I’m trying to focus on the fact I will be home in a few short weeks to give her a big hug and spend some time just hanging out. Thank-you for your thoughts.

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