so long smiley?

I was just informed by WordPress that they are retiring my current theme and I must opt into a new “upgraded” theme. There isn’t much of a difference, just a few minor tweaks, except for one thing that seems to be missing…

Mr. Smiley Face in the top right corner.

He was originally in the footer, but I changed the code so he was up top. Alas,  he is no longer in the script for this new theme.

I know he bedeviled some of you, so now you might be happy he’s gone.  I am a little sad though.

However, I inquired to the WordPress powers that be as to why he was no more (in an attempt to bring him back). Apparently he wasn’t fitting into the footer code properly. I hope they figure it out and before the new theme takes over in two weeks, he can regain his post.

Now that the gargoyle is no longer the guardian of the view, I need something overlooking things, right?



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4 responses to “so long smiley?

  1. Adriana Degetau

    I totaly agree with you on that simley face. It’s gone now and I miss it.
    I ended up here in your blog because of your comment about the :) cause I tought about it too.
    So… saludos from Mexico City.

  2. Perhaps if enough of us comment about it, they’ll fix it! I’m hopeful because at least there was a response back. Seems a bit silly to retire the theme entirely though. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Aren’t you worried that something will blow up when you change themes? Or are those just my insecurities coming to the fore?

  4. I have a test blog for that very reason. :)

    I activated the new theme today, and nothing changed though. It’s almost identical to this one. Just a few tweaks.

    I’m not sure how it works in Blogger anymore, but WordPress allows you to “preview” themes before switching over fully too.

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