There are 24 cupboard doors in my kitchen. Opening up to 24 large, expansive places for storage.

In theory, cupboards are wonderful places to keep all of your stuff. In my reality, I forget about things almost immediately after they get put into the cupboard. Food, crockery, baking equipment, whatever it is, as soon as it goes into the cupboard it’s as though it vanishes, walks to the lamppost and waits for Mr. Tumnus.

I am more of an open concept person. I need my stuff laid out in front of me so I know where it is, much like my tea tray above. If the tea is hiding out in the cupboard, I will forget to make it. Honestly. I need the visual reminder. I operate under the same system at work. It’s why I love those huge desk calendars, too.

I need to find a flat with glass cupboards and my problems will be solved.

How do you like your kitchen organized? Do you find you take a similar approach to organization in other areas?



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8 responses to “cupboards

  1. kelly

    I like everything put away behind doors. Although I think I like my counters clean it isn’t a reality. Stuff just ends up there.It’s ok it’s not that important to worry about. When we cook we have different ways of doing things, I get all the ingredients out and put them away as I use them. Used dishes go to the sink, if there are wrappers or empty containers of any sort gone right away. I like a clean work space. She on the other hand is the opposite and it seems to work for her she doesn’t get frustrated or bothered.

  2. ali

    Ahhh! Open concept and stuff on the counter would make me more than a little bit insane. I’m a firm believer that everything needs a designated shelf/cupboard/closet in which to live. When they’re at capacity, no more things can be purchased, except on a strict one-in-one-out policy.

    Aren’t you excited you’re coming to stay with such a raving basket-case soon?!

  3. I’m with Ali, a place for everything and everything in its place. Otherwise the clutter will drive me mad.

    Which is odd, because at heart, I am a horizontal filer. When working, I need everything laid out in sight, or it gets overlooked. But it cannot stay there!

  4. So none of you have anything on the counter? Toaster, kettle, dish rack…they are all in the cupboard? Wow. I couldn’t live like that.

    Kelly: I’m with you on the cooking, and putting things away as you go. I hate to clean up a big mess after.

    Ali: Yes! Even if I have to bring my own food like your last place – I can’t wait. ;)

    Barb: My office is cluttered when I’m working on a project. I will file everything away when I’m done, but not when things are in play.

  5. elf

    Ever thought about using a label maker? Might look a little tacky but at least you’d know what’s where.

  6. I’ve thought about painting my cupboards with that chalkboard paint and writing what’s inside on front, in chalk. Guess a label maker would be an easier approach. :) The person who had my job before me did that in one of my offices. The window and even the phone has its own label…

  7. You’re lucky; I have very little cupboard space, though I do have a great pantry. Like you, things tend to get lost in mine. I would love glass doors on my cupboards, too.

  8. Yes, my new place has a lot of kitchen space. I’ve never really had that before, I am enjoying it. Yes, the glass cupboards are the dream…

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