she had dust on her hands from the sky

Why do they put back pain medication on the bottom shelf at the drug store?

Truly boggles my mind.

Seeing as I overextended myself yesterday, I plan to do nothing but rest today and hopefully heal my back before I have to go into work tomorrow. The plan – catch up on some reading, and perhaps rent a movie later on. I do need to fetch some nutrients from the market too. I always hurt myself or get a cold when there is no food in the house. Have any good film suggestions?

Also, what word are you going to save? Save the Words

Every year, words that are no longer used are dropped from the Oxford English Dictionary. You can save them (drum-roll) by using them!

I’m choosing xenization

noun: fact of traveling as a stranger p.s. I love this!



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7 responses to “she had dust on her hands from the sky

  1. barbara

    I’m choosing foppotee – a simple-minded person.

    I haven’t watched a film in such a long time that I am afraid I couldn’t even begin to give you a recommendation. I do wish I was closer so I could bring you some groceries. Feel better.

  2. Sounds like something you’d put on a hot drink. I like it.

    Ah, that would be lovely. :) Managed to make it to Shoppers, but not much further. It will be a pasta and tea day for me.

  3. El Fear

    I recommend Harvey with Jimmy Stewart, great movie for a snuggle-in saturday.

  4. Wandering Coyote

    I’ll have to troll my dictionary for a while to come up with one, but this is a great idea.

  5. F: Definitely feels like a classic movie Saturday. I watched The African Queen earlier. I’ve added Harvey to my que. Good suggestion, thanks!

    WC: Thought so too. I noticed my word wasn’t in a few dictionaries, but the OE is quite expansive.

  6. kelly

    so many words so little time. I can’t pick one

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