can’t seem to take “heart in your heartbreak” by the pains of being pure at heart off repeat. there are worst things than synth pop on a friday though.

eating black cherry yogurt.

recovering from a slight accident i had at work yesterday. a 5 ft x 5 ft piece of plate-glass and i did not make friends when i had to lift it by myself during an exhibition install. hope to return to normal mobility soon. the rest of the morning and afternoon i have a date with my heating pad.

thinking i need to go and get black out blinds for my new bedroom.

looking forward to visiting with my friend tonight. we’re headed to the cinema and then a sushi bar downtown. i think a spicy salmon roll will help heal my back, don’t you think? if not, some sake sure will.

starting to get excited about holidays next month.

thinking i had so much success with my homemade falafel last week, that i am going to make it again tomorrow. except, try baking it instead of frying.

wishing house elves would magically appear to do my laundry.

currently…you are?



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6 responses to “currently…

  1. kelly

    deciding I need a new digital camera because mine got knocked off a cabinet and is having issues. I have a problem with buying almost anything because I will research it to death, look at every source under the sun, the pros and cons of each model. Sometimes I get paralysis by analysis.

    thinking I need a pair of reading glasses at home and at work, sigh.

  2. I’m forever dropping my camera, and it’s starting to take its toll. I know a few people like that. Research is good, but you have to know when to stop. Hope you can find a good model!

    I have two pairs for that very reason. Very helpful.

  3. f

    Ouch! Hope you heal quickly, sake bomber might be just what the doctor ordered.

    Currently, I am exploring the coolness of my new phone. New Tech > Sex? no, but close.

    Thinking that after a long and crazy week going to see Due Date by myself last night was a great idea, just wish the Dominacan behind me hadn’t answered his phone in the middle.

    Thinking the JAMC boxset might be just the thing for weekend soundtrack.

  4. My healing rebound seems to be getting better, so hopefully by the end of the weekend I should be good.

    Love exploring new tech. I am still finding out new things to do with my itouch. I have been converted fully to touch screen technology. Enjoy the new phone!

    I thought about seeing that last weekend, glad to hear it was good. I had heard unfavourable reviews.

    That does sound like a good weekend soundtrack. Been on a Ride kick myself.

  5. barbara

    Very catchy tune!

    I do hope that some sushi and time on the town will help wit the healing. Even a heating pad could use some help sometimes.

  6. Isn’t it though?

    Well, it actually made things a bit worse…but the company was worth it. Wrapped in my heating pad now and about to settle into a book. Still a Friday win!

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