first the jetpacks…

it’s not too late to restart the week, is it? i mean it’s only mid day on tuesday, surely something can be done.

this week has just been one migraine (literal and metaphorical) after another.

do you have a favourite piece of art that lifts your spirits on a blue day?

here’s one of mine.

Paul Sérusier – Le Talisman



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7 responses to “first the jetpacks…

  1. kelly

    A Ken Danby print called Catching the Sun. It reminds me of many of the places we like to take the dog on a nice day

  2. Looks like a nice place for an afternoon walk!

  3. I love the colours it this. The predominance of yellow is almost shocking, but very uplifting.

  4. Yes, I love that. I typically don’t favour yellow, but I enjoy it in this piece muchly.

  5. bloody awful poetry

    I like the audacity of the yellow there. It’s quite happy-making. I’m not that much of an Art person but there is this one gorgeous black and white shot of one of my favourite bands goofing around a stream or something, with a dog alongside. I can’t find the link to it at the moment, but it’s my current wallpaper, and it’s strangely soothing in a way.

  6. I love black and white photography in odd places. Sounds like a great picture!

  7. toccata

    If I’m feeling blue nothing makes me smile quicker than a Joan Miro “mobile” painting. His paintings always remind me of the lazy days of summer and fun when I was really young. Really young like 8.

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