touch with your eyes

I was at the market today, waiting in line behind a woman and her child. The child had decided in order to make the wait go faster the best plan was to touch everything around her, and even climb into the cupboard underneath the register, which, I will admit I did find amusing. In an effort to get her child to stop, the mother kept saying, “Touch with you eyes, honey. Touch with your eyes.”

My amusement suddenly shifted to that of perplexed pondering. I’d never heard this expression before. Was it genius or completely silly? In light of what was enfolding in front of me, clearly not the former but still, it had a  nice ring.

As a phrase there is something mysteriously evocative about it.

I kind of like that.

Favourite phrase as of late?



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8 responses to “touch with your eyes

  1. f

    The strippers are always telling me to touch with my eyes, but the bouncers never listen when I tell them to touch with their eyes.

    Favorite phrase of late ” ‘ave you got something frosty?” said in an old british lady accent. Always makes the bartender round our local laugh.

  2. Pesky bouncers, they never listen to reason. ;)

    Old British lady posh accent, all the better to ask for a pint of bitter!

  3. It puts me in mind of “squint your ears”, which I think is wonderfully apt.

  4. iduality

    Ay, I hadn’t heard that in a long while. Thanks for the reminder! Must try and use it this week.

  5. kelly

    “I’m running around like a chicken with a mohawk”

    I know it makes no sense but it works for me.

  6. iduality

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard it before – but whatever works!

  7. Wandering Coyote

    I quite like that phrase, actually. In cooking, the first taste is with the eyes, right? I’ll have to remember that if I ever have kids.

    My favourite phrase lately is definitely not G-rated!

  8. Me too. And yes, that is very true!

    Ha! Well, this space is definitely at least PG-13 ;)

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