that extra hour

inspiration strikes when you least expect it. for me, it is usually late at night when i should be sleeping. i only wish i could fuel some of my creativity into my work projects. alas, that does not seem to be in the cards. instead i will just have to happy with my own projects at the moment.

funny how steadily the ink flows out onto the paper when you want it to. sometimes your head just needs to be emptied, i think. today i managed to write a short story, pen a long letter to a friend, and finish an art project.

a lazy sunday most definitely.

i wonder if my switch back to physically writing in a pen and paper format has reignited something.  it certainly makes for a slower process, but there is something about the tactile nature of a notebook that gives me goosebumps. i like watching my handwriting change from start to finish as well. i wish i had better penmanship.

favourite writing utensil?

now, if only i could figure out what to make for dinner my day would be complete.



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9 responses to “that extra hour

  1. barbara

    I used to only be able to think in pencil, and although I write almost exclusively with a keyboard now, I still like to use pencil now and then. Of course coloured markers make a statement!

  2. I work best in pencil, too. I tend to write letters always in pen, but use a pencil for almost everything else. The only time I ever use a marker is when I am writing on CDs, etc. I do appreciate a fine tip marker though. ;)

  3. Wandering Coyote

    I actually keep a handwritten journal that, except on the odd occasion, I write in before bed every night. I started this in 2002, shortly after I got married, and for some very odd reason, it’s the one thing from those days that I did not cast off after that marriage ended. I can’t really describe why I do it. It’s part ritual, I think, but also, the content is purely for ME and I like that privacy. It’s also been a very invaluable record at times when my mood disorder has taken over my life. The record-keeping aspect has been great. I also sometimes like to go back to remember something specific that comes up in the present.

    I store all my journals (which are all of archival quality paper & binding-wise) in a waterproof plastic container.

    I MUST have a gel pen! I cannot write with a ball point! I only use pencils when doing number stuff – like budgets – and in my address book, so it doesn’t look messy when people move & I have to change their contact info! I’m a bit anal about that.

  4. Wandering Coyote

    BTW, how are you liking The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

  5. f

    I like a gel pen, a nice ballpoint is good too, but my absolute favorite writing utensil is the retractable Sharpie. When they first came out, someone got me a 4 pack for xmas and I almost had to change my pants.

  6. WC: Wow. From an archivist standpoint – I salute you on your paper quality. ;) I kept a journal when I younger, but now, this space serves as a journal of sorts. I understand what you mean though about having a ‘space’ that is yours. It’s nice to be able to track things too. I started to track my migraines last year actually, but sadly never kept up with it.

    Well, at least you know what you like! I never really used a gel pen regularly until this year.

    As for the book – it took me a bit to get into it but I’m enjoying it now.

    F: I’m on the ballpoint side of the pen debate. Mainly because I have a really good one that I just keep refilling. Not sure if I’ve ever used a retractable Sharpie – are they fine tip? That’s usually the only kind of marker I will use. As it doesn’t bleed though paper.

  7. f

    They do have fine tip retractables, but I like the regulars as I burn a lot of CDs, plus they are great for grafitti shenanigans (not that I would ever ever grafitti)

  8. kelly

    I tend to like a good ballpoint pen, one with a barrel that is slightly thicker than a pencil. Although I like the look of thicker pens. I was given an expensive Porsche design pen with a braided steel barrel I don’t use it. I also don’t like the pocket clips on pens, I find them very annoying. All that being said, I am afraid to lose pens so I only have el-cheapo or free promotional ones. I prefer blue ink over black, I always feel sad when a pen that I like runs out.

  9. iduality

    F: I think I would like those for work. I tend to misplace lids a lot. Ah, not the day to mention grafitti around here.

    Kelly: I typically write with thicker pens, I like the weight. I always find I am pressing harder when using the thiner ones. But that is why the clip is great – you can hook into onto your notebook so you don’t loose it!

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