she looks like the real thing

this week i keep writing posts in my head. some make it to my notebook, but none get transferred to electronic type.

last night i drove to langley. it was misty ran and fog, as i crossed the golden ears bridge in all its modern space-age glory, lights flashing from the beams, i felt like i was driving into another world. i think it’s one of my favourite bridges.

i returned a purchase. then got a few others. vicious cycle.

while i was driving home a song came on the radio, i can’t remember which one but unconsciously i turned up the volume. i smiled to myself and thought how lovely it is we can exist in our own little worlds when surrounded by the musical bubble. almost untouchable. it’s nice to be submerged in that feeling if only it is a short illusion, isn’t? a song that’s done that for you lately?

happy weekend.



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5 responses to “she looks like the real thing

  1. There’s something in particular about the bubble of the urban assault vehicle (or reasonable facsimile) that accentuates that musical bubble.

    The last song that did that for me was just this morning, on the decidedly non-bubblish elliptical. Josh Ritter’s Lantern.

  2. So very true my friend… I often fall into the musical bubble whilst walking and driving. Often astonishing me to the point where I miss entire segments of time. Okay but a little concerning when I am driving. Be that as it may, the last song that did that for me was Peter Gabriel’s take on Bon Iver’s Flume. I was totally transported by the beautiful string section.

  3. Barb: Most definitely. I love the walking music bubble too, but yes, there is something different about the car.

    I’m impressed you can listen to Josh Ritter whilst on the elliptical. I need something more upbeat to work out to. Although if it puts you into your own bubble work out time will fly by!

    Sean: Glad I’m not the only one! Yes, it’s a little concerning while driving, much better to miss blankets of time when walking. :) I haven’t heard it, I will have to suss it out. On my drive home from the city this evening I was listening to one of those radio interviews you sent. Perfect for a rainy eve!

  4. Wandering Coyote

    I experience the musical bubble on the bus to Trail and it makes the rather slow trip much more easy to take. I also experience it on the bike at the gym. Actually, I never leave home without my MP3 player and I get quite distressed the rare times I do!

  5. Me too. I can’t workout without it. The personal music bubble whilst out it a must!

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