enjoying that i have full temperature control in my new place, yet wondering why i still cocoon myself into a blanket every time i lay down even when i’m not necessarily cold. perhaps i need to up the 16-20’C (60-68F) temperature range.

looking forward to having the rest of the week boss-free at work. volume to 11, please.

curious as to where my motivation for my current exhibition went. i’ve lost interest and it’s really becoming a problem. at least it’s almost done.

bummed i missed a chance to see the RAA at the Biltmore this weekend, but hoping sushi and shopping will make up for it.

thinking this stencil art Banksy costume is pretty fabulous.

annoyed i can’t seem to find a proper overseas calling card.

loving that the leaves still haven’t completely fallen yet. with vibrant colours, wind, sun and misty rain it’s hard not to smile.

amused over the construction work at the museum. walked in this morning to find they’d built forms for one of the entrances into the building, but no landing. just two teeny tiny steps, which would make it impossible to get things in and out as the steps lead into the garden. seriously. they then claimed the order came from an imaginary person. lovely.

more than slightly amused over the social media sobriety test.

thinking i need to make something new for dinner this evening. been in a cooking rut since i moved. needs to change. suggestions welcome.

currently…you are?



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6 responses to “currently…

  1. f

    Losing ones enthusiasm for a project is rough, but at least it’s a work exhibit and not a personal creative project.

    I am currently fist shaking at Summer in November – 94F – Blah!

    Wishing I had a 1/4 inch to usb cable or adapter so I could put some guitar on garage band.

    Thinking I should just go home before rush hour traffic and watch Scott Pilgrim.

  2. True. Still tedious though. I’m just pushing through and should be done by the end of the day tomorrow. My own creative projects are getting me by!

    Yuck. It’s a balmy 13C here today (55F). I cannot complain.

    Cables are always in abundance when you don’t need them aren’t they? I have one…somewhere.

    Whenever one can avoid rush hour traffic, one should. I was just listening to that soundtrack. Enjoy re-watching!

  3. No boss? No Stephen Fry! Oh yes, 11 at the very least.

  4. That’s right, no more HP books all day, all the time. It’s been joyous!

  5. Wandering Coyote

    I think President’s Choice has an international calling card with decent rates. You’d have to venture into an Extra, SuperStore, or Wholesale to find one, though. Here is the calling card web site, though:

  6. I will have to check out the SuperStore as I haven’t had any luck at Shoppers. Thanks for the tip!

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