no really, you

Today was the third time this month someone approached me while I was out, wandering, wanting to take my picture.

I only wish someone could capture my face on film when this happens because the puzzled expression is one I’d like to see for myself.

This one was a little more perplexing than the rest. Ah tourists. We did an exchange back and forth because I thought they wanted me to take a picture of them, but no, not only did they want that, but also a picture of myself with the wife of the couple; “No, you. Very beautiful and love the red hair.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell them it comes from a box.

Of the people who approached me this month, they are the only ones I obliged. Mainly because of the language barrier and I didn’t want to seem rude. Why? did not seem to be translating very well. Perhaps they sensed my museum vibe – I was rocking the wrinkled blazer, skirt, glasses look. Glasses are approachable, pilling stockings, probably not, but hard to tell from far away.

You’d be proud, I didn’t do blue steel.

Although I am thinking I need to take that look out of retirement. I have a years worth of actual smile worthy pictures. More than enough.

Any random happenings in your life lately?



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6 responses to “no really, you

  1. barbara

    Clearly those tourists have good taste. Very beautiful indeed and I also love the red hair, box or no box.

    It may indeed be time to reinstate Blue Steel. They are getting too friendly.

  2. I think so too. Bring it back to ward off anymore random picture takings. I should just start walking around with the look all the time. ;)

  3. Wandering Coyote

    That is so strange…But you are very photogenic, and yes, you should get your Blue Steel going, girl! Complete with dipping of the head!

  4. I know, right. You do the head dip the best! ;)

  5. kelly

    hmm, can’t say anyone has ever stopped me and wanted to take my picture. A Japanese couple did want me to take a picture of them with our 2 golden retrievers one day out on Long Beach.

  6. I remember that happening a few times when our family dog was really young. That was before pugs were everywhere. ;)

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