toasted sandwich parties

Recently my boss presented me with the British mini series Spaced on DVD.

I had heard rumblings of the show, but it’s one of those that I never actively searched out. Kept getting added to the list, but you know how it goes. It’s the same masterminds behind Shaun of the Dead and I gotta say, it’s hilarious. The Brits do television right.

I recall reading that it might be remade in the US. Anyone know if that actually happened? Hoping not.

Song of the Minute: Dreaming – Seapony



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4 responses to “toasted sandwich parties

  1. barbara

    God I hope it’s not remade in the US! I’ve heard rumblings about this program before as well, but have never seen it. She was in Shaun of the Dead as well, wasn’t she?

  2. iduality

    I hope not either. I will have to send you the DVDs when I’m finished with them (I just had copies) – I think you will enjoy them thoroughly. And yes, she was!

  3. f

    If I recall correctly, they filmed a pilot for the US version – “McSpaced” it was called, but none of the networks were willing to pick it up. Just looking at the dreck that is currently on, I think McSpaced must have been really bad for no one to touch it.

  4. Ach. That name alone would be enough to pass it over. Yeah, I am really glad I don’t have cable anymore, not that I ever watched too much to begin with, but just seems like the good series are few and far between.

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