black cats

There were a few causalities.

A maple tree that never saw me coming.

A chesterfield leg that has now seen better days.

A sliced finger from a runaway trolley.

A few chipped pieces of crockery…

Yet all in all this move was relatively painless. Well, despite my Internet woes with Telus and I have decided to never again move myself as well. This is the second move I have attempted where I rented a truck (first Uhaul, and this time Budget) and they continue to provide less than stellar service, and for the price you pay to rent the truck it is cheaper to hire movers. I was quite thankful that the weather cooperated and that I had an extra pair of hands to help out, if only for a few short days.

Now I am happily settled in my new flat, with working everything and I am enjoying the quietness. I can even hear the clock ticking. I think that means the music is on to low. Must remedy this…

Anyone have Hallowe’en plans? Seen any great costumes? I think it’s the first year in many I am going to stay in.



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8 responses to “black cats

  1. barbara

    My Hallowe’en plans involve not eating any candy and, in all likelihood, extricating the resident kitteh from some squishy hiding place when the goblins come around. I have a feeling there will be a preponderance of Jersey Shore costumes this year and it terrifies me.

    Now turn up that music!

  2. I figured I wouldn’t get any kids in my apartment building, but I did buy candy for the museum(s). Ach! I hope not…that would be terrifying. Hope Ramona doesn’t get too scared tonight.

    It’s up, it’s up! (The National atm). Dancing in the kitchen whilst making pancakes. Happy Sunday. :)

  3. Some handmade costumes in our house today :
    Happy Halloween :)

  4. Love and love! Those wigs are the best, thanks for sharing. Happy Hallowe’en to you as well!

  5. Wandering Coyote

    Yeah, crank those tunes and have some fun! I’m glad it all went well for you – and I’ll bear in mind your advice re. renting a truck vs hiring a mover.

    As for Halloween, I had 5 people come to my door and I am now left with a ton of peanut M&Ms, but it could have been worse. Juno didn’t escape (one of my fears) and it’s not snowing (yet). Yep, it could have been way worse…

  6. I just don’t think it’s worth the hassle anymore. I had a real problem with Budget this time around and rather not repeat it again. Although I guess it will be just as hard to find good movers, but hopefully, I won’t have to move again anytime soon.

    Mmm peanut M&Ms…they are my favourite. :) Glad the cat didn’t escape either. Sounds like a good day – except for the oven issues and all. Hope that gets fixed for you soon!

  7. kelly

    halloween will be spent at the fire hall cooking hot dogs and giving them and hot chocolate to any kids, or anybody actually that walks by.

    best costumes I saw.. I was in Winnipeg and a few young girls…sad to say they were 20+ years younger than my 47 years of age, they had some burlesque type outfits on, one was a burlesque goth vampire sort of thing…sigh

  8. Ha! “burlesque goth vampire sort of thing” best description I’ve heard today. They must have had fur on their insides if you were in Winnipeg – with the snow and all!

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