a place for my stuff

Much to my dismay, little elves did not come in the middle of the night and neatly pack away all my belongings.

Instead, I woke up this morning forgetting I had boxed myself into my bedroom and tried on a pair of bankers boxes for skates, sailed down the hallway, finally, crashing into a giant pile of bubble wrap. This is what I get for refusing to turn on the lights because they make that insistent hum. It’s a good thing my new place does not have overhead lighting. As stumbling around in the dark to find a lamp will be much more effortless then scaling the wall for a switch. Definitely.

This is the first move I will be attempting where I actually have furniture I care about, so I have invested in stretch plastic furniture wrap, and I must admit, it’s awesome. The last time I moved a bed it was my futon in university and I flung that thing from my balcony to the street and someone picked it up and took it for themselves by the time I had got outside.  The same thing also happened with my couch, kitchen table and dresser. Did I mention this was also how I found all the furniture in the first place? Ah, I miss Kingston.

I also miss having my mother around in situations like these. I can’t recall my dad ever visiting me while I was away, but my mom (given her amazing ability to throw my stuff out) is a good person to have around when purging, and would always make the drive to help out. She’s also freakishly strong, given her small frame. I have suspected for many years, there might be a bit of Rosie from The Jetsons in there.

Any interesting moving stories? Debacles or triumphs?

p.s. I hope this forecast is true.



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6 responses to “a place for my stuff

  1. Wandering Coyote

    I actually don’t have any moving stories of much interest, other than I moved 6 times in less than two years once, so I know what a hassle packing and moving can be. Good luck with everything! Looking forward to reading about your new place and your humless lighting!

  2. 4 in 2 years is the most I’ve ever done. My packing has definitely gotten more efficient. Shall have to take some pictures of the new place once I’m settled. :)

  3. Wandering Coyote

    I think the biggest thing I learned from all my moves is what I really need vs what I want. I have discarded so much stuff in the last few years it really amazes me. Some of it was very valuable and had high sentimental value (wedding china, for instance). But what I had to realize was that everything is replaceable, and now I generally try to accumulate way less stuff because I know I’ll be moving again sooner or later. Still, it wasn’t easy…

  4. I started to operate under the same style, although I still have a penchant for trinkets. I try to keep ‘love clutter’ to a minimum. :)

  5. barbara

    I wasn’t aware of Kingston’s unique shopping approach. How refreshing. I might head out there at the end of the school year to see if I can refurnish my place.

    I used to move twice a year, but have now not moved in so long that the mere thought terrifies me. This is why I habitually purge, I guess.

    Sacrificing a small child for good moving weather!

  6. I would imagine the same approach applies to areas around UBC too. ;)

    I still keep a fair amount of stuff at my parents house. Here’s hoping they decide to stay put for a little while longer, otherwise it could be a bit messy.

    Thank-you! Much appreciated.

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