Thinking perhaps it was not the best idea to test the expiration date on the milk on an upset stomach.

Happily playing about in Ubuntu – avoiding packing. Really stretching my procrastination skills here.

Waiting for my veggie lasagna to finish baking.

Slightly amazed at the price of floor lamps.

Thinking that since I normally watch the television on mute, it was a wise decision to not get cable for my new flat.

Sad to see Christmas decorations up in stores before Hallowe’en.

Wishing I had bought some of those Girl Guide cookies. Do they not sell them door-to-door anymore?

Currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. f

    Just wait til you discover the joys of Wine in Ubuntu.

    I don’t know about Girl Guides, but their American counterpart – Girl Scouts does not do door to door sales anymore too much stranger danger, I believe. Usually they camp out in front of the grocery store with one or two Moms on payday of all days and try to tempt me with thin mints (usually successfully). Insert fist shake followed by homer-esque drooling noise at the thought of thin mints.

    Currently I am wondering if Simpsons will be on tonight or if it will be more baseball.

    Craving ice cream but not feeling like going to buy some.

    Deciding where to upload a large file to.

  2. I downloaded that yesterday, in an attempt to use iTunes, but it didn’t work properly. I’ll have to give it another go. I just spent the last hour trying to change the icon for ubuntu one, as it was annoying me. Instead I just got rid of it from the panel. It’s a rabbit hole this configuring!! (edit: figured it out. sometimes forums lead you in the wrong direction.)

    That makes sense. We don’t have different flavours here – just chocolate or vanilla. I would love some thin mints…and ice cream…

    Damn baseball – Fringe wasn’t new so doubtful the Simspons is.

    Hope MediaFire works :)

  3. barbara

    The Girl Guides came around here a couple of weeks ago and forced me to buy a box of the mints. Had I known you enjoy them, I would have brought them out…

    Currently, I am amazed (but not really) at how great Shaun of the Dead still is:
    “I’m quite alright, Barbara, I ran it under a cold tap.”

  4. You were able to buy mints? I haven’t seen them since the 80s here. I guess it depends on location. Blast. The stand today just had the regular ones. If they come by again…

    I can’t wait for their next film together. They make such a good team.

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