they’ve been going in and out of style

I loved this jacket. Until someone (okay multiple people) made a Sgt. Pepper reference and then that’s all I could think of. Even though George wore the red jacket and he was my favourite, I couldn’t get that image out of my head.

So I opted for one in charcoal instead, but the red still holds my heart.

Still cute though, no?



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7 responses to “they’ve been going in and out of style

  1. barbara

    Definitely. Blue steel goes well with a red jacket.

  2. I was trying to smile, actually. Years of the go to look are coming back to haunt… ;)

  3. f

    Doesn’t look remotely like the Sgt. Pepper jackets, somebody is on crack.

    Like the hat too.

  4. That’s what I said! I was swayed by others. It was spendy though so I think I shall wait to the end of the season and see if it’s still there on sale.

    Thanks. My favourite accessory – no need for umbrella.

  5. ali

    I don’t think it looks military enough to resemble a Sgt. Pepper jacket. I also think it looks more burnt orange than red (but that may be my shoddy computer screen). In any case: it’s cute!

  6. iduality

    It’s definitely red, the photo was taken with my itouch so that quality is not that great. Perhaps I will find another red jacket in England and can purchase it then. I do love it. :)

  7. Susan

    Very you! I love it!

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