we’ll run like we’re awesome, totally genius

i should probably be more worried about packing, seeing as i move next wednesday. yet, i’m not.

packing always makes me realize how little i use on a regular basis, and how much stuff i keep tucked away in boxes.

makes me wish i wasn’t so restless.

that i didn’t question everything.

and that i had a giant tea-pot truck to move myself around in.

because that would be spectacular.

i’d serve the sky with a big slice of lemon.



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6 responses to “we’ll run like we’re awesome, totally genius

  1. I feel your pain. We’re moving in just 2 weekends. At least we’re staying in Yellowknife this time.

  2. Moving within the same city is definitely much easier, but at the same time makes you a bit lazier in the packing department. At least that’s what I’m finding. Good luck packing!

  3. kelly

    I think most people use less than they think they do. I find clutter and too much “stuff” very agitating. We’ve try to live by, “if it isn’t useful, beautiful, or sentimental” it’s gone. And I don’t attach sentiment to every thing that anyone ever gave me. However, owning a house and having space, one tends to accumulate.

    It could be a terrible never ending thing for you. Questioning why you question everything and questioning your line of questions etc etc.

    I would buy tea from a teapot, but you should serve pie too, or ginger cookies

  4. iduality

    I know I don’t use much on a regular basis, but I also collect and have lots of ‘love clutter’ too. Most of it gets used for art projects now.

    Yes, sometimes over-thinking can get the best of you.

    Who’s to say the lemon isn’t a slice of pie?

  5. barbara

    You do remarkably well travelling lightly, except of course when the weather turns. But stuff tends to bury us, stay light.

  6. I have a feeling this is going to be a cold winter here. I should probably buy a jacket with a working zipper.

    Wise advice. :)

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