one left, one right that’s how i organize ’em

construction continues at the museum.

there is a single machine that makes a noise like a door creaking, and reminds me of the opening of ‘close to me’ by the cure. so i’ve been hearing that song all day. not a bad thing, but if you find that ever happening to you, don’t mention it to other people because you’ll get the three-headed monster look.

also, don’t lean too far over the edge of massive holes because that orange construction fence does not hold the weight of more than two humans at a time. plus, traveling down the rabbit hole is better.

oh, and salt is salty.

your sage advice for today?



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6 responses to “one left, one right that’s how i organize ’em

  1. kelly

    “eat pie”


    “wear nice underwear”

  2. El Fear

    my cat’s breath smells like cat food

  3. Kelly: All pie except blueberry, of course.

    F: Ah, Ralph. So wise.

  4. barbara

    Do not grocery shop on Tuesdays unless you like driving behind seniors.

  5. If the dosage says to take 1-2 pills, take 2.

  6. Barb: I was thinking the same thing this evening.

    John: Most definitely. Most definitely.

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