i had a secret meeting in the basement of my brain

I should have been suspect that the street was so quiet. Typically for that time of day the pavement would be littered with children riding bikes or playing some sport.

It wasn’t until I pulled into my parking spot to find a bear tolling through the front yard, knocking over a swing set, that I realized why the block was so quiet.

My first reaction? Lock my car doors.

Yeah, because that surely will stop the bear from smashing  through the windows. My brain is so logical. At first I thought he was more scared of me, because he seemed so startled he left soon after I pulled into the driveway. Then I went back out to go to the store and he was still there, and definitely not scared of me. I retreated back inside.

What wildlife scares you the most?



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6 responses to “i had a secret meeting in the basement of my brain

  1. El Fear

    Wow, we don’t get that sort of thing round here.

    Humans scare me the most.

  2. It’s rare here. I saw it a lot up north, but never this close to the city. Hope he leaves soon. Might be a rice cake dinner.

    Ha. Yes, we are fickle beasts.

  3. kelly

    good thing you locked the doors because those modern urban bears have learned to use car door handles.

  4. I’ve seen them open rubbish bins, but never doors. Thankfully.

  5. barbara

    I would have reacted exactly the same way. It rather reminded me of the time when the RO pulled out her rape whistle when she and her floor mates were lost in the bowels of the mall and they heard a chain saw start up. Because everyone knows that mass murderers always stop for rape whistles.

    I have to admit that I give geese a very wide berth, so glad I have yet to stumble across a cougar.

  6. Wandering Coyote

    Well, I live in bear country so the scene you set here is very normal to me. I heartily respect wildlife, but I’d be frightened to meet a cougar for sure. But do spiders count? Because nothing gives me the willies like spiders…

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