wondering how i can wake up with perfectly straight hair

thinking it’s too early in the year to see frost on car windshields

wanting to try out a new falafel recipe

thinking quiche is perfect sunday morning food and that the velvet underground are perfect sunday morning music

realizing i need to make a new workout mix

sensing i need to do a word post soon. too many amusing words have come onto my horizon lately i need to share

currently…you are?



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3 responses to “currently…

  1. El Fear

    Amazed that it’s been 20 years since Bona Drag came out. That album soundtracked my life in 1990/1991.

    Dreading waking up at 4am tomorrow to start my new job.

    Trying to figure out what’s for dinner, Pizza (no work) or Curry Chicken (lots of work)

  2. kelly

    thinking I should shave my head tonight (no worries about hair that way) after all it’s been a month.

    trying to remember were I left the window scraper

    oogling my bogs

    looking forward to the amazing race. That’s the only “reality” type show I watch

    wishing I had some port for after dinner

  3. F: I’ve seen a lot postings about that this week. In honour, I was listening to it earlier in the day. I love when you think of an album and remember the exact moment it soundtracks in your life.

    That hour shouldn’t exist. Good luck.

    Mmm…curry. Hope you went with the latter even if it was more work.

    Kelly: I hate that it’s that time of year again. I’m looking forward to underground parking and not having to deal with frost this winter.

    An after dinner drink has been a theme this weekend for me. Perhaps you can find your port for tomorrow!

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