the crimson eye

Humour clip of the week.

I heart him so.

Jump to 3 mins in for the best part.



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5 responses to “the crimson eye

  1. He killed me! I laughed so hard last night, it hurt.

  2. El Fear

    This reminded me that I didn’t have a copy of W&L, thanks!

    I HATE!

  3. Barb: Glad you enjoyed his stuff, and that it wasn’t ruined by me attempting to explain it. ;)

    F: I am really looking forward to hearing some of his new work.

    That one is still one of my favourites. :)

  4. I was introduced to Patton Oswalt through Big Fan. Fantastic movie if you haven’t seen it. More sad than funny though.

  5. Yes, I did see that film. It was quite sad, but thought it showed his range quite well. He’s one of my favourites.

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