i get better, as i get more worn down

A few weeks back one of the buildings at the museum had a bit of a flood in the basement, where some of our collection resides.

We managed to stop it, but knew more needed to be done. However, the city owns the buildings and we couldn’t do anything ourselves. We knew that the issue was that the building didn’t have any perimeter drainage – a project that would take thousands to fix.

We thought they knew this as well, the workers who came out to assess the problem last week seemed to recall what the problem was from years ago, but somehow it got lost in translation. They started doing excavating on the building yesterday, and we didn’t question it, figured somehow they’d managed to secure the funds.

Cut to this morning when the suit from the city walks up to my boss and I with a completely crestfallen face, “Did you know there is no perimeter drainage and it’s going to cost Xk and 6 weeks to fix?”


Bet that T-Rex statue is looking like less of a problem now isn’t?



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4 responses to “i get better, as i get more worn down

  1. kelly

    sometimes you get lucky, good thing nobody questioned it. Now they are committed?

  2. They couldn’t really question it after we had a flood. If it doesn’t get fixed, our collection would be ruined and then they’d be in trouble for not addressing our concerns in the first place.

    Oh, completely committed. I’m looking at a lot of machines currently happily at work. :)

  3. Every once in a while, it pays not to be officially in control. So nice to be able to shrug, yes?

  4. Especially when they continue to ignore issues with our buildings. It’s nice to see stuff actually happen. I’ll have to show you the pics.

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