7 random pictures that made me smile today



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9 responses to “7 random pictures that made me smile today

  1. Those are certainly random! Simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by the monkey one.

  2. Yes, I found that one particularly amusing.

  3. When three shirtless guys get together on a raft… it’s monkey business! Wocka-wocka!

    The horse in the sky pic looks like it should be an album cover.

  4. I love the text blurbs on that cover the most!

    I would love to make that picture into an art project.

  5. kelly

    i don’t get the magazine cover one?

    but the socks one reminds me, I just bought purple and lime green socks, not those 2 colours on one pair, 2 different pairs

  6. ~A

    ’25 Rugged Features’ – ha! Retro kitsch is the best..

    Cinderella’s pretty great too :)

  7. El Fear

    I’m totally steeling the O’Toole/Hepburn pic. Thanks!!

  8. El Fear

    woops, stealing!

  9. Kelly: Thought it was a funny play of romance novel covers, and 50s advertising.

    They are stockings, actually. I actually like the idea of purple and green combo!

    A: I know, thought it was quite amusing. Yes, the headless Cinderella made me laugh!

    F: That’s a good one, isn’t? Had it for a few weeks, been waiting to use it. :)

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