it’s the polka dot bow

In general taxidermy freaks me out.

So much so, I can’t even touch/look at the objects in our collection that fall under this category. Thankfully, I don’t work at a natural history museum, we only have a few pieces ourselves, and I’m working at making eye contact with the birds at our other house museum, but I’m not terribly upset I only have to see them once a week.

This morning I stumbled upon this link on Boing Boing titled “Rogue Taxidermy“. Intrigued at the ‘rogue’ part I read on and I kind of find these sculptures somewhat endearing. Still wouldn’t want one, and don’t really understand it. Yet now it’s more amusing.

What do you think? More here.



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6 responses to “it’s the polka dot bow

  1. f

    Too freaky…yeegh.

  2. it’s oddly amusing to me, i don’t know why. perhaps because regular taxidermy freaks me out so much and this distances things a bit.

  3. kelly


    I always though those little furry dogs could be turned into Kleenex box covers with a lsit in the back for the Kleenex to stick out

  4. that would make me switch back to handkerchiefs.

  5. My favourite taxidermy is the Body Works exhibit.

  6. Can’t get behind that one either…

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