At work today, even though it is a holiday. Happy because this means no interruptions.

Enjoying this clip of Richard Dawkins on Bill Maher (YouTube link was taken down).  I love his writing, and hearing him talk is the perfect way to start a Monday.

Sad I missed Frightened Rabbit’s gig here on the weekend. Playing their latest album is helping though: She poked the iris, then pierced a hole and watched the colour rush forth

Thinking I should have bought groceries before the holiday closed the markets. It may be a rice cakes and gouda lunch.

Looking forward to going back to view my new flat tonight and take measurements/pictures. I viewed a different unit the first time around. They were putting new carpets/flooring in mine.

Enjoying my new glasses. The trick to clear vision? Cleaning your lenses!

Avoiding writing about crockery. Won’t be able to avoid much longer.

Love when people call the museum, irate that our hours aren’t listed on the website, yammering on about how computer literate they are and have looked for 10 minutes, etc…Then I calmly direct them to the homepage they claimed to be looking at, where everything is very clearly labeled in the sidebar, and then they get mad they are wrong, and hang up.

Wishing those celebrating, a Happy Thanksgiving!

Currently…you are?



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6 responses to “currently…

  1. kelly

    do we get a picture of you and said new glasses? Or did I misunderstand and they seem new because they are clean?

    Currently I be….
    Looking forward to dinner tonight, pros and cons of it being elsewhere, leftovers fall under both pro and con

    Going out to clean gutters, fortunately I don’t mind ladders and roofs.

    Wondering why plural of hoof is hooves and plural of roof is not rooves.

    Looking at pics of Turkey trip wondering why I didn’t take more care and thus ended up with a lot of crap photos

  2. Should have clarified – not new glasses, just new lenses in my old frames. As they are only a year and half old. But the combination makes them feel brand new.

    English is funny.

    You’ll have to post pictures of your trip! I’m sure some of them turned out.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner! I’m still wishing I had leftovers of the cranberry and fig sauce we had this year.

  3. f

    kinda wishing we did Thanksgiving in early October… could really go for some green bean casserole.

    Trying to slow down my coke intake…. as in cola.

    Thinking my stubble has started to become beardesque and I need to shave.

    Hoping a new radiohead album happens this year.

    Re-listening to Mines and digging the hell out of it.

  4. Mmm…we had that on Saturday. I should have taken more leftovers. D’oh.

    Ah, yes cola addiction…a little less addicting than the other. I hardly drink it anymore. Sometimes when I’m out, but not usually. Hope you can kick it.

    Glad you’re enjoying it upon further listen. I didn’t like it as much as their last, but it was still good.

  5. – wondering what the cat will say when we get home tomorrow and whether she will even remember us

    – agreeing with the RO that Cursed is one heckuva funny movie

    – pleased for you that you are getting new flooring in your new digs

  6. I should hope so, it’s only been a few days. But then again, she is special. ;)

    Hmmm…haven’t seen it. Glad you enjoyed it though.

    I was happy about new carpets too. Still have ugly brown vinyl in the kitchen, but it’s clean and brand new appliances so can’t ask for more. I was actually a little bummed that the unit I am getting doesn’t have the orange countertops…they mustard (Dijon) yellow instead. Yum! ;)

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