slicing up eyeballs

Typically most people dislike the dentist, I on the other hand, dislike the eye doctor.

That was until today. I went for treatment with a fabulous doctor here and I realised how much of a wankjacket my previous doctor was.

I wasn’t even bothered when they puffed my eyeballs with air, because directly afterward I got to play video games (something about peripheral vision) and view pictures of my eye, which really help when trying to understand why my vision is so wonky. It’s hard when you have almost perfect vision in one eye and crap vision in the other. It also helped to see why they insist on putting those horrible drops in your eyes; so a picture comparison is always helpful.

Look at my sexy right eye! Hot stuff, I know. It’s suppose to look like that, and I was told I have very nice eyes. But I bet he says that to all the girls…



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6 responses to “slicing up eyeballs

  1. kelly

    i had that picture done of my eyes a couple months ago, can’t remember why. Maybe it’s because they can charge more for the appointment if they do it.

    I don’t mind the eye doc even though an appontment a few years ago resulted in surgery on one eye and an MRI of my brain. I got to cross that off my list of things to do.

  2. iduality

    The price was the same as I’d normally pay…I think this doctor just liked his visual aides. Fine by me, I only go every 2 years.

    Surgery from a bad appointment, or they found something and had to correct it?

  3. kelly

    Longish story. Optometrist saw something. You know the part when they say look far right and left and they shine light to back of eye? He saw a tremor and said hmmm. Sent me to Ophthalmologist, she did same and said hmmm. Could be anything from just a small tremor to a brain tumor, let’s send you for MRI. No tumor which is a good thing but 4 small lesions which are a “let’s watch” thing. She also said, we might be able to adjust your eye alignment to give you proper 3D vision. When I was born, the muscles aligning eyes were not right, so I had a surgery then. She sliced and realigned left eye but said too much scar tissue on right eye, best to leave it and not risk giving me double vision, so I don’t have double vision but neither do I have 3D vision which is really not a big deal because I never did have it. I can tell distance through shadow, angle, parallax and relative sizes of objects. Downside is I suck at ball sports, difficult to judge ball position and distance.

  4. Yikes, sounds like a bit of an ordeal. Hopefully nothing else progresses. I can’t imagine not having 3D vision, but I guess if you never had it, you wouldn’t know the difference.

    Eye surgery makes me nervous, even corrective, so I’ll stick with my glasses.

  5. kelly

    I had glasses since very young, I’m thinking 3 or 4 for astigmatism and then my vision improved and I stopped wearing them around age 30 of course now at 47 I’m needing those stupid reading glasses. It was funny when we went for dinner a while ago with 6 other people we were passing around reading glasses . I blame it on poor lighting, cream coloured paper and fancy pants font on the menu. You are too young to have learned this but many restaurants keep a few pairs of reading glasses on hand to let people use.

  6. Indeed I did not know that. Thankfully, I only need glasses for reading, but can still read okay without them. I will file that piece of info in the brain though for future use!

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