life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

I’ve wanted to head up to Lynn Canyon in North Van for quite some time now to walk the trails and the suspension bridge, but I can’t seem to find willing participants. It’s either “too far” or people seem scared when they hear the words “suspension bridge” but there are glorious trails up that way, much more than just the bridge.

Living out here in the forest, on the doorstep to (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful provincial parks in all of Canada, makes me appreciate the sheer size of this country, and how much more of it I have left to see.

Which is why I always find it humourous that Vancouver city natives consider where I live to be “removed.” Living up north, 18 hours away, was removed. 30 minutes down the road, is not.  I have a friend who lives downtown and her partner lives across the Burrard bridge, which is 10 min walk from her. She was complaining to me on the weekend how far apart they were and how hard it is to coordinate plans because of the distance.

To me a 10 minute walk is not distance, yet I hear these complaints a lot. We get so used to our own little bubbles and blocks we never venture outside of them. To be fair, I know many people in the city deal with transit and that does not always make getting to these places easy. Still I wonder if that factor was removed would they still venture down the road?

Seeing as this weekend is Thanksgiving, and I plan to take in an open house at a gallery on Main Street and be adopted by a family for dinner, and next weekend I am out-of-town, I will go the following weekend to Lynn Canyon.

Is there a place in your city you’ve always meant to visit, but haven’t yet?

Made my heart grow three sizes today. Watch until the very end.



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4 responses to “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

  1. ~A

    Cutest. Video. Ever.

  2. I know, right. Stellar song too. Video was made for $150 as well. Love the creativity that went into it! I want a shredded plastic cape now.

  3. f

    Finally got around to watching. Great video.

  4. iduality

    Captured the song perfectly. Love 1.27 in when the camera follows the kids running. I can’t wait for the full LP!

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