i’ll believe in anything

i’ve never been so discouraged searching for a flat before. either places have gotten worse, or my expectations have risen. probably the latter. i said yes to a flat tonight, which holds a great location but there are a few cosmetic issues. however,  i am willing to overlook them because it is nestled in a quiet park in a good neighbourhood, plus i’m confident i can add some creative flare and as tim gunn says, make it work. the building was built in the 70s, so let’s just say there are some retro charms. also the management seemed quite friendly, which during this search i am learning is just as important as the place.

everything seems like it’s going to work out, but i can’t shake this feeling of sadness over the move. not over leaving my current place, it’s something else. maybe it’s the city. i just can’t place it. this nomad is lost.

regardless, i move in 3 weeks.

methinks insomniac tendencies will aide in packing.



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2 responses to “i’ll believe in anything

  1. Your new digs actually sounds quite delightful! Location is so important, and a few cosmetic flaws only add charm. You can make it yours this way, insert your own character.

    Your time management skills will be tested though!

  2. I’m feeling better about things after a good nights sleep. Plus, I can crochet some fridge magnets to match the orange countertops. :) It’s right across the street from my local sushi place too. Win and win!

    I’m hoping to get a good start on things this Sunday seeing as I’m gone the next two weekends!

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