none of this sad bastard music

I woke up this morning with that line in my head, thinking I’m going to need some specific tunes to get me through this Monday. With a quick perusal through my music library I realise I have too many melancholy tunes that just don’t fit for a  start of the week pick up.

Must change this.

Favourite tune to blast in the morning?



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9 responses to “none of this sad bastard music

  1. This was exactly my predicament this morning… My solution- Pleased to Meet Me by the Replacements.

    Ordinarily my late August go to record it fit in perfectly with the need for something a little faster blended with some slower to accompany the rapidly evolving fall colours whilst driving.

    Young bastard music I suppose… ;)


  2. iduality

    Ha! Young bastard…nice.

    Good solution. I went with The Smiths but your comment as moved me onto the Replacements now. So thank-you!

    You need that mix whilst driving. I’m always making fresh playlists for the car. I want to listen to Stars when the weather changes, however must listen to their upbeat tunes as to not slip into a funk. It’s the Sufjan Stevens equation. ;)

  3. Back to the sad music for a second, specifically tunes that make grown (British) men cry…I found this link amusing:

  4. f

    It depends on the morning really. Maybe it’s because I recently re-watched DIG! but I find myself listening to the Dandy Warhols in the morning (it’s hard to listen to them and not get happy) and the BJM at night.

  5. True. I’m sure re-watching the film has something to do with current musical listening. Our indie radio station plays a lot of the Dandy Warhols, not just Bohemian Like You, so that’s always welcome. Can’t say I’ve ever listened to BJM. Probably should, but haven’t…yet.

  6. f

    If you haven’t seen DIG! you should definitely check it out, an amazing study of megalomania. You should grab “Thank God For Mental Illness” if you’re looking for a starting point with BJM.

  7. Perhaps I will after I watch Under Great White Northern Lights. Hopefully that will make the end to this day better. Shall have to put that in the que then, thanks!

  8. I usually start the morning with more low-key listening, sipping coffee with CBC.

    But later, JAMC is always good for a lift, or the Cons.

  9. I think listening to the CBC that early would put me back to sleep. This is because I don’t drink the coffee to counter balance. ;)

    Need to break out the Cons, good idea!

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