today i loved…

the sound of leaves crunching under my feet

dancing in the kitchen, listening to s.cooke whilst baking

finding a honey crisp apple the size of two of my fists together

hearing random whistling in the market from strangers

neon felt

valencia peanut butter on rye crackers

that my decision to move flats was the right one

a conversation that lasted into the early hours of the morning with an old friend. pondering life is much more fun with someone who calls you on your shit, but who also lets you dream

lately…you’ve loved?


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4 responses to “today i loved…

  1. El Fear

    trying different flavors of coffee beans at Cartel Coffee Lab

    listening to the BJM on late night drives

    coming up with ideas for a new blog, whether or not the blog actually happens

    eating pepitas straight outta the bag

  2. Nothing like good music on a night drive, eh. I’ve downloaded a lot of older records this weekend, and I’m looking forward to driving tonight listening to them.

    I hope the brainstorming proves fruitful. :)

    Yum. I do that with sunflower seeds at work. Although next weekend roasted pumpkin seeds are a must, due to the holiday.

  3. – concentrating on those fun little details, instead of the big picture
    – the fact that it’s October and it’s still not sn—-ing.
    – crossing chores off the list, counting down the days

    Can’t wait to hear some more positive news about the new flat possibility!

  4. I can’t believe it’s October and not raining! Hope the weather stays nice there. I hope everything gets done before your trip!

    I’m hoping I’ll have more news today. Fingers crossed.

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