Grumbling over the return of artificial heat blasting into my bedroom at 6am. Oh, to control the thermostat.

Have a great urge to watch Some Like It Hot tonight.

Looking for a part-time job that doesn’t interfere with my full-time job. It’s not looking so good.

Thinking this weekend I need to make a few kinds of soup. Lentil-Curry is the go to favourite,  but I need more variety. Hmm.

Also pondering going to see something at VIFF this weekend (Vancouver International Film Fest).

Plotting a way to abscond with the resident dachshund.

Playing Vesuvius by Sufjan Stevens on repeat. It’s the perfect song for morning fog; both mental and literal. Plus there is something really calming about playing anything on repeat.

Time for that cuppa now.

Currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. f

    Waiting for people to finish drinking beer so we can go record.

    Thinking about cooking Gambas Al Ajillo this weekend and tweaking my recipe slightly.

    Downloading all 3 1996 BJM records because lately new albums ain’t doin it for me.

  2. Priorities, right. ;)

    Yum! It’s the only time I really like garlic, with shrimp. Although some recipes add too much. Hope the tweaking produces good results.

    Yeah, it’s been a slow year for music. My list won’t reach 25 this year. I’ll have a top 10, maybe 15. I’m still listening to the National & WP records.

  3. – telling myself to stop obsessively cleaning or I will give myself a mental disorder

    – planning to make another batch of muffins for the freezer (orange cranberry)

    – sympathizing with you over the furnace blasting into your bedroom. I hate when the furnace fires up while I am still abed and I have the bedroom window wide open.

  4. I agree. You’ve been cleaning like crazy, I’m sure everything is spotless. Rest and plan your Seattle trip.

    Okay, rest after you make muffins. ;)

    I hate that I then wake up with a very sore and dry throat. Bleh. This morning that was coupled with swearing and screaming upstairs, but I may have a lead on a place. Screw painting, I need to move.

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