and maybe i’m talking too fast, and maybe i’m talking too much


It rained, but the ground remained dry. Then it rained again and puddle splashing commenced in between errands.

I worked on my wood panel button piece, but think I need to let the colours percolate before I cement anything down.

I realized when I’m told I have Sunday off, it means in an alternate universe. At least I only had to go in for a few hours.

Listened to the new Sufjan Stevens album. It’s quite good. Had to give it a break on repeat though, because it was making me sad.

Ate one too many nectarines.

Won at scrabble. Lost at chess.

Framed a painting I bought yesterday from a friend I met at EC who was selling work at the street fair. Cute, eh?

What did you do today?



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4 responses to “and maybe i’m talking too fast, and maybe i’m talking too much

  1. f

    Oh wow, you bought a “Neverending Story” painting.

  2. I have some of her more original originals, but I’ve always had a penchant for Falcor/Falkor.

  3. Do you think Sufjan Stevens exists in your alternate universe? Hopefully, because the new record is really quite remarkable. I am with you though in the ration of listenings though. (Sadness can get a little detracting and one must not eat too many nectarines.)

    Your words reminded me of my friend Tessa’s latest piece.
    Have a look I think you’ll like it.

    Love the new artwork. Your frame is perfect!


  4. I hope so too, Sean!

    That comic was mint. Thanks for passing it along. That’s exactly how I was feeling yesterday. I can’t really listen to any of his old stuff for the same reason. At least this record is a bit more upbeat. Perhaps if I was in a different climate without rain it would work better as well. ;)

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