you shouldn’t come around here singing up at people like that

I turned on the television this morning while I was getting ready for work and the guy from Sugar Ray was on the screen singing karaoke.

Or rather, hosting a karaoke game show called Don’t Forget the Lyrics.

I’d never seen it before. Here’s the premise: Contestants have to sing along to the chosen song, at some point during the song a line will go blank on the screen and they then have to fill in the missing line. If their lyrics are right, they continue and as the award money rises, they have to guess more than one line of the song.

I do enjoy my karaoke, and found this show amusing on various levels. Mainly that the Sugar Ray guy still has highlights and spiky hair and that I actually know more Classic Rock songs than I realised. Besides those factors, at 7:30 in the morning over Cheerios few things make me smile. Yet singing along to Dire Straits is definitely one of them.

Your favourite song to sing at karaoke?



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11 responses to “you shouldn’t come around here singing up at people like that

  1. El Fear

    That show has been around a while, I liked it when Wayne Brady was host, haven’t seen the MM version.

    My favorite Karaoke: London Calling

  2. Interesting. Never saw the Wayne Brady version either. Makes sense though, it’s a US show, and only available on a cable network up here. I’ve only had cable for the past little while…

    Can’t go wrong there!

  3. Do you know, I have never actually officially karaoked? I have always had a secret desire to, though. I think I’d prefer those songs that would really allow me to chew the scenery – Mack the Knife, Stormy Weather, Common People (although I would never presume to take on Shatner with that last one).

  4. iduality

    We. Must. Change. This.

    Either in October, or the next time you visit here. I think there is karaoke for the Wii (which I’m currently borrowing from the Boy). Or, we could go to karaoke at pub. Although, given the success of our last game night, I think living room karaoke might be good for a first time. ;)

  5. I’ve karaoked twice. Once on my honeymoon in Jamaica, where there were just 4 of us in the whole bar. And once with my kids, so I’d say that it doesn’t count, except that it was in a Karoake bar in Japan so of course it counts. There we had to sing songs that the kids actually knew and liked– We Will Rock You and egad, Life is a Highway, which my son loves because of the Cars movie.

  6. bloody awful poetry

    They already have a Malaysian version of this, which is quite fun. And yeah, I’ve never actually been karaokeing myself either. Just one of those things I didn’t get round to doing, like learning to ride a bike. I imagine ABBA would be quite suitable? :)

  7. iduality

    John: Agreed. All karaoke in Japan counts! I’ve never really been a Queen fan, so I wouldn’t do that well if having to sing We Will Rock You.

    BAP: I’d put bike learning above karaoke. One of my favourite pastimes though, so I’m bias. Definitely. Bonus points if sung while on roller skates.

  8. I’m a big Queen fan– looking forward to seeing if Sacha Baron Cohen can pull him off. I should probably phrase that better.

  9. Bahahaha! A movie of a different kind.

  10. No, I knew what you meant. I had read that earlier this week. :)

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