what say you

Saw these this morning on Etsy and they made me chuckle.

Imagined if a real pair, out for a stroll, what these two would say to each other…their names…

This happens a lot to me when I’m accessioning artifacts, or working on an exhibition. I love coming up with a story in my head for each object/photograph. Sometimes it goes with the history of the piece, and sometimes it doesn’t.

A lazy Sunday at work, in a century old house is quite lovely right about now with a strong imagination. Later we decorate for Thanksgiving/Hallowe’en.

Off now to create a backstory for my scarecrow…

Happy Sunday.



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5 responses to “what say you

  1. f

    Mr and Mrs Plumpington from Saltshake, Alaska.

    Her: “Oh my goodness me, how I do love a nice cup of tea and then a stroll across a James Joyce novel!”

    Him: “Yes dear, but it always makes us sleepy and makes your nose fall off. Oh, that Dedalus!”

  2. Ah, that made me laugh. Thanks. :)

    I’m not sure what I enjoy more – their names, or the town.

    Fact. All good strolls and conversations are best done over some Joyce. In a British accent of course.

  3. “Do you suppose I left left my monocle back at the meth lab?”

  4. They seem like very nice people, despite a certain smugness in their demeanours. But I would be smug too if I had a hat like that.

    Definitely time to decorate for fall!

  5. iduality

    John: “Indeed. I believe right next to my pocket watch.”

    Barb: Who wouldn’t, really. And with that mustache.

    I’m going to take some pictures on Wednesday – the place looks great. I need to liven up my own flat now.

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