Typing this whilst eating my vegetable lo mein. So easy to make and so tasty.

Having a bit of trouble keeping my eyes open after the events of the week, and in need of a long couch nap.

Putting together ideas for a gingerbread haunted house. Oh yes, it’s going to be grand.

Thinking this misty rain would be perfect for a walk, and a good book.

Trying to quiet the pessimist in me. It’s so easy to be optimistic for others, just not for myself.

Currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. Currently I am optimistic for you, and for others as well. I am luxuriating in the first sunshine we have seen in two weeks, and just finished a lovely Saturday morning BLIP session, which has been neglected recently.

    I love the idea of a haunted gingerbread house! And you can use it from October through December. That’s just smart baking.

  2. I predict great things will come your way. And I was right about Justin Bieber, wasn’t I?

  3. El cap

    I fucking love Veggie Lo Mein. I could eat it every day, not for every meal, but once a day.

    Currently I am sitting in the studio waiting to mic up the drums for a session by a band I am not overly fond of.

    Thinking I really wanna go see that new Ben Affleck movie, and realizing I thought I’d never have those sorts of feelings.

    Trying to decide what songs go where.

  4. Barb: Huzzah for sunshine in Calgary! Hope it stays for next month too (one can dream, right?).

    I sketched out the design last night and I am really excited about making it. So many more directions you can go. I have to wait until the Boy visits next month though, which is a bit frustrating as I’d like to start now.

    John: Sounds like a scary fortune cookie. ;)

    F: I do love it too and have it quite often.

    If that’s the same band as your fb status reads, I can understand the trepidation. Maybe they’ll surprise you.

    Ha ha ha! I had the same conversation about that film last night. Decided to save our ducets though.

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