en route

I’m feeling optimistic today.

When I can tell you more, I will.

I hope the tides are changing…

In the meantime, nothing makes me happier than two of my favourite comedians chatting. I’d never seen this clip before.




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4 responses to “en route

  1. Huzzah for changing tides! I’m looking forward to hearing your news. In the meantime, send some of those tides in this direction please.

  2. Hopefully, I will have news to share next week. :)

    I will send the rest of my tide changing energy your way, stat!

  3. f

    If you’re optimistic that candy will arrive in the mail next week, I think you’ll be happy.

    Hope whatever it actually is goes your way.

  4. Sweet. Sweets! My eye is to the sky for carrier pigeons.

    Thanks! I’ll need all the good energy I can get for Friday.

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