I never thought about love when I thought about home

I love watching a band develop their sound.

It had been three years since I last saw The National in concert, and tonight seeing them play was like I was watching a different band.  Not  only were their songs played to perfection, but they were hilarious in between songs, and generally seemed to be enjoying themselves. Which for an audience member, makes the show even better.

It’s really an amazing feeling watching your favourite lyrics come to life right in front of your face. Without a doubt High Violet will make my record of the year; and I truly believe these guys are some of the greatest lyricists around. Westerbergian in my opinion.

Concert highlights include:

Bandmates revealing Matt Berninger’s various nicknames; Dick (Richard) Jagger, Panic Room & Blondie

Berninger instructing us not to applaud/cheer as it ruins the “melodramatic vibe” of their songs

How it took them to the encore to realize their set/lighting made them look like a giant ipod commercial (Dance, Bryan, dance!)

“It’s nice to see an appreciation for cannibalism” after playing Conversation 16

5 song encore (which made up for the fact they didn’t play Lemon World)

The last concert/event that left you on a high?



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5 responses to “I never thought about love when I thought about home

  1. I’ve usually lived in places where international bands showing up for concerts was not a common occurrence. Often going to a concert meant someone bothered to come to your province/territory, not that you were necessarily a fan. However my last concert high, fortunately was a case of someone I actually wanted to see: the White Stripes in Iqaluit.

    By the way, your first sentence reminded me of the huge difference between the Hip’s self-titled first album and Up to Here.

  2. I love good band banter. If humourous and slightly self-deprecating, so much the better. It does sound as if this National concert was one for the record books; you know I was with you in spirit.

    It was far too short, being a folk festival set, but Frank Turner’s impassioned delivery was the last show that left me on a concert high.

  3. John: It’s only been in the last ten years that I’ve been able to really attend concerts, as before artists weren’t really coming to where I lived.

    I remember hearing about the White Stripes gig in ’07 from you! I really want to see the documentary that they made during that concert tour. With the venues being so small, its bound to be a bit magical.

    Barb: It was exactly the right amount of banter too. Not too much, and the perfect amount of sass.

    That’s the love/hate relationship I have with festivals. It’s amazing seeing all the different performers, but their sets are always too short! Glad one still left you on a concert high despite its length.

  4. f

    Sounds like a great show.

    Funny enough, the last time I left a concert on a high was the last time the Pixies were here a few years ago, haven’t been to many shows since then and although the last show I went to was good (Muse) I was annoyed by a girl recording them during the songs she didn’t know with her iPhone so I kept seeing a bright glow to my left as she only knew about 3 songs.

  5. Argh. I hate when people take out cameras/phones too. I never understood the need to take a badly lit photo at a show. Thankfully, I didn’t notice it last night at all. Perhaps because it was outside and not as dark as an indoor venue.

    I hope the Pixies upcoming show leaves you on the same high!

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