come on baby, let’s get out of the cold

I seem to have wandered out my own own personal fog that has been lingering for the past few weeks. It’s amazing how one little piece of news can just put everything on an upswing. Also encouraging words from friends always help. Thanks, you!

I’ve been putting together a teaching collection for an outreach program this morning. The library uses our artifacts/archives with different senior centres throughout the city. The objects provide that tangible aspect missing from a lot of presentations. As I’ve been compiling objects and making this “reminisce kit” I’m wondering what kinds of things would be in a similar kit in 40 years.

What kinds of objects were part of your youth that just aren’t in use anymore?

Or…if you were to make a time capsule now, what would go in it?



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5 responses to “come on baby, let’s get out of the cold

  1. From my own youth: Betamax, cassettes, dot matrix printers a little later on. Flashbulbs. Lawn darts.

    From now that I’d include: sonic toothbrushes.

  2. kelly

    8-tracks, black light posters & black lights, transistor radios, slot racing cars, crystal radio set, air guns, polaroid instant cameras, ginsu knife

  3. So glad to hear the fog is lifting! Huzzah for good news!

    John and Kelly have already mentioned some of my time capsule items, but I can add slide rules, tv antennas, leg warmers, although those last ones will likely be popular again when the capsule is opened.

  4. John: All good choices. Do they still make lawn darts? Probably not the metal ones. I can recall a few injuries on the playground from those.

    I’d add a waterpick in there too.

    Kelly: I had to Google what a crystal radio set was. Excellent choice. Technology of any kind is so interesting to look at years later.

    Barb: Yes, and perfect timing too. I can enjoy the National concert tonight, fog free. :)

    You mean leg warmers aren’t popular now? Oh…

  5. kelly

    some of us have our own built in leg warmers…..ha ha now isn’t that an image you didn’t want in your brain

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