I need a pocket calendar.

Or at the very least need to link my Google Calender to my phone. Also when I buy concert tickets I should write down the date in said calendar(s), on my fridge, on the back on the front door, on my work desk – anyplace I see daily.

And in case all that doesn’t work, arrange to have a carrier pigeon arrive at daily intervals the week leading up to said event(s) with little reminder messages that get increasingly more vulgar with each passing day, just to drive the point home really.

How do you keep track of your to-do’s?



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12 responses to “realizing

  1. f

    keep track…aahahahahahhaha

  2. Ah, so not that simple. ;)

    Unfortunately, due to a mix up over whether or not Sept. 10th was a Friday or Saturday has resulted in me now going to The National concert by myself.

  3. f

    Doh! That sucks.

  4. Thankfully, the was crisis adverted. Will have company at the show. Still thinking I need a calendar/watch/teleporter combo though…

  5. When I was in school (for design – so I had my iMac) I used the calendar. Once I finished school I generally wrote things on my hand hoping that it wouldn’t rub off before I made it home, or someplace else where I could write the information down that was a little more permanent.

    Since getting my ipod touch I am once again using the calendar. So very helpful. But not as helpful as, say, a calendar/watch/teleporter. :P

  6. The ical is one of the things I miss most about my Mac. I haven’t been able to find a proper PC equivalent….so I am really looking forward to my new itouch that is supposed to arrive next week. Honestly, I am equally excited for the camera as I am for the calendar in the device. :)

    One day there will be a calendar/watch/teleporter…one day.

  7. I am so old school on this. Big calendar on the fridge, one of those free ones that real estate agents drop off.

    Glad to hear that you will have National company after all! Wish it was me!

  8. That’s how I operate at work. I have a large desk calendar and a normal size calender, which I write everything on. It’s when I leave work that things start to scatter.

    Me too. I was sad there for a bit when I thought I’d have to go alone. Wish you could have stayed a bit longer to come too! Next time.

  9. kelly

    I just count on my excellent memory

  10. kelly

    ha ha ha…I am such a liar.
    Notes, stuck to my computer monitor, or sometimes put in the truck so I’ll see them when I get in

  11. ali

    Oh my god, I couldn’t possibly get by without my diary/agenda/book of knowledge. It’s (unsurprisingly) an old school, non-technological day book that’s always in my purse. Otherwise, I would forget everything and be generally useless!

  12. Kelly: What would we do without post-it notes? So helpful.

    Ali: I’m like that with work, I just need to apply this same thinking to life outside of work. Can’t go wrong with an old school pocket book.

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