there’s a city in mind, come along and take that ride

Whether or not I’m returning to school the month of September will always mark the start of the year to me.

In the Arts world it’s when we get a lot of our funding in, when reports and work plans for the upcoming year are done; time to assess what worked in the last year and what did not.

In the past, I have always welcomed September with open arms but there is something about this month that already has me down this year. I can’t exactly pin point it, but I’ve really lost my drive. Maybe it’s because I’ve only had 3 long weekends and no real holiday time since last December? I don’t know but I’m hoping the tide changes soon, I hate feeling this sense of unproductivity.

Until then, I’ll be drowning out Stephen Fry with the Talking Heads…



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2 responses to “there’s a city in mind, come along and take that ride

  1. David Byrne will always beat Stephen Fry.

    I hope you get your life mojo back soon. It’s doubly awful when you can’t exactly pinpoint what’s causing the dissatisfaction.

  2. I don’t know why I didn’t think of him sooner!

    I’m hoping for an upswing soon. :)

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