Penning this post outside in the park on a perfect weather-wise day. I should take my lunch outside more often, as watching the resident Basset Hound “Droopy” meander through the grass is so amusing. I wish I could take him home.

Sadden by the vandalism the museum was subject to this week. It’s going to take thousands to fix.

Doing some sketching for my next felt project. Some of you may remember the felt Bender from Futurama I made at the start of the year. Well I’m attempting to make another cast member – Doctor Zoidberg for the Boy (getting an early jump on Xmas ideas). This one will take a bit more planing though; thankfully I’ve discovered self adhesive felt since last time. I will make sure I don’t put it in a glass frame either this time so it can be transported more easily (as Bender is still sitting in my living room).

Looking forward to going to Bard on the Beach this weekend to see Falstaff, as well as doing some wandering around Kitsilano and enjoying a good meal at East is East with some zombies.

Still a bit gobsmacked over the jump in airline taxes thanks to the HST. Wishing I had booked flights before purchasing new technology gadget. At least I’m not going anywhere for the next few months and all my upcoming concerts are already paid for. Now I can save, save and save.

Had forgotten it was the long weekend. I’m working it (for above reasons). How are you spending the last days of summer?

Thinking I should spend some time listening to new music, as apparently I have some catching up to do.

Currently…you are?



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6 responses to “currently…

  1. f

    Praising the makers of Theraflu for making such a wonderful product.

    Trying to catch up on my record listening as well, still have new Eels, new MSP and new Underworld to listen to. Where the frack is Grinderman?

    Sorry about the vandalism. I hope karma bites whoever did it soon.

  2. Ah yes, Theraflu. It’s called NeoCitran up here. Tis a wonderful product. Glad you’re feeling better!

    Blast. I haven’t even downloaded the new Eels yet. I listened briefly to MSP yesterday, but nothing stuck out. Have to listen to it at home later. I know…it’ll be officially out on the 13th. Doesn’t look like we’ll be getting it any sooner.

    Me too. Me too.

  3. So sad to hear about the vandalism! I’m sure that must feel somewhat like a personal attack. Perhaps Droopy could be hired for guard duties.

    I love Zoidberg! I think that is a brilliant idea for a project, and of course will make a lovely companion to felt Bender. The Boy is a lucky lad.

    Can’t wait for Saturday! I am making a reservation at East is East right now, while I remember. 6:30?

  4. Really disheartening. We should look into guard dog. :)

    He’s a bit hard to pixelate with his mouth. I originally drew a portrait, but I think I will have to widen it a bit and include his hands so I can get a “Why!?” pose. Oh Zoidberg.

    6:30 sounds perfect. Play will be done by then! Hope this weather holds.

  5. kelly

    I find vandalism very depressing and confusing. It serves no purpose. I don’t condone, but I understand when somebody steals something. They are getting something they desire or can sell. But vandalism, they get nothing.

    Umm does the boy read your blog? If so now he knows about the xmas gift

  6. As do I. Sadly, we’ve been hit with a lot of things like this due to the place of the museum(s).

    Nope. He does not read this space. I’m not that daft. I’m quite good at keeping gift secrets.

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