it’s unfortunate i find hairless cats terrifying

As I truly believe a home needs a pet, but I’m horribly allergic to cats and I don’t have the lifestyle where I can accommodate a dog.

Fish frightened me.

I’m open to lizards, and other reptiles but they’re just not as squish-friendly as a cat or dog.

I know I’ve bemoaned about this before, but I’m just really missing having an animal around these days.

What other creature could I adopt?



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7 responses to “it’s unfortunate i find hairless cats terrifying

  1. kelly

    fish frighten you?

    how about a chinchilla?

  2. In aquariums, yes. It’s irrational, I know.

    Chinchillas are like robust squirrels. ;)

  3. I guess ferrets are out then too. If you think squirrels are vicious…

    Guinea pigs are pretty darned cute and they talk and you can cuddle them. But they are nocturnal.

  4. Definitely.

    That they are! So are hedgehogs. Hmmm…

  5. kelly

    You could get a dog taxidermied (I’m sure that’s not really a word but you get the picture) or you could get a cute dog costume for your boy to wear…no shedding or peeing on furniture.

    Or you are doomed to be petless

    how about a finch

  6. ali

    I was going to suggest a hedgehog, but someone beat me to it! Being nocturnal probably isn’t brilliant.

    What about a rabbit? I always had pet rabbits growing up and they can be really sweet and won’t aggravate a cat allergy. I believe they can be litterbox trained like a cat so they can roam around the house (or room).

    Also, micro pigs and mini pot bellied pigs apparently make great house pets. Super cute, but they can be pretty expensive.

  7. Kelly: I think I’m doomed to be petless for the time being, as I’d rather an aquarium full of fish over anything to do with taxidermy. ;)

    Although we did use to have birds when I was younger. They are pretty low maintenance, just lack the cuddle factor.

    Ali: I had discounted rabbits because I thought I’d be allergic too. I do love them. Also, would be preferable not to have them in a cage all the time, so that’s positive news about a litterbox. I’ll have to do some research.

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