been working on my backwards walk

Spent most of the day wandering with around Commercial Drive with a friend.

Sushi, used book and clothing stores, chai and street art snaps.

Even though the sun emerged today, I felt it was time to break out the boots and pair the sundress with tights. The leaves are turning after all. While sifting though the racks in the second-hand shops I couldn’t help but be to attracted to the lace. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been working with the fabric so much this summer in my exhibition work, but I’m seeing it in a different light. As I  pulled various choices out for my friend to see, things I know I used to have in my closet as a teen (hello 1995), she laughs and says ‘That’s so you’. This phrase always amuses me. Especially when it’s followed by the words soft and delicate.

It’s funny the words friends choose to describe you sometimes. Ones perhaps you overlooked in yourself.

At home now,  listening to Frightened Rabbit and waiting for Mansbridge: One on One to come on. Wishing tomorrow wasn’t my Monday and procrastinating from doing some writing for work. Doesn’t seem like long ago I was asking for reference letters and now I’m writing them for others (no, not for the one who put metal in the microwave).

Wordsmith skills commence.

Most accurate (or inaccurate) phrase or word someone has used to describe you?



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6 responses to “been working on my backwards walk

  1. kelly

    My friend once told me I was the coldest person he knows.

    I must have looked confused and surprised because he explained what he meant. His first language is French so sometimes he picks the wrong words. He said that I was not at all hot headed and didn’t get mad or upset at people

    So I guess I’m ok with being cold

  2. f

    Recently someone called me a “lyrical genius” and I winced and asked St. Zimmerman to please forgive the man.

  3. Kelly: Calm, cold same thing. ;) Losing things in translation use to happen a lot with my friends from Germany. It’s actually quite fun when you break down words/phrases and have to explain them. Makes you realise English is really odd.

    F: High praise! But yes, genius attached to anything would make me wince too.

  4. Someone once did a horoscope reading for me that said “you are not as nice as people think you are”. I’ve always considered that to be disturbingly accurate.

  5. Ha! Although I’m not sure I agree, I do think that’s a great reading. :)

  6. kelly

    so Barb has you fooled as well?
    Shh don’t tell her I said that or she’ll beat me up

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