Wondering when my ability to sleep in on a weekend will resurface again.

Breaking out the flower-pot hat again. The rain has started for the fall/winter. So long sun, see you again in March.

Avoiding doing the dishes, and procrastinating clean up with craft projects. Making cards for a couple of friends…however I can’t find my sketch book which holds my original design. Perhaps clean up should take place first.

Thinking it’s been too long since I downloaded an album.

Curious as to why I keep having dreams where I’m watching people get chased.

Looking forward to tomorrow, and hanging out with a good friend who has been away for the summer.

Feeling the need to wander a book store. It’s this weather. Rain = used book store/coffeeshop/notebook time. Don’t you think?

Wanting to watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World again. You should click on the link in my sidebar and watch SP vs The Matrix for a laugh.

Realizing if I don’t leave now, I’ll be late for an appointment…

Currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. kelly

    If you can’t sleep in how about having an afternoon nap? Those can can be good.

    Have you posted a picture of you in a flower pot hat? If not, you should.

    Currently (later today anyhow) getting prepared for a fun filled BBQ competition. This will be completely unexciting for you as BBQ tends to = meat. I am making chicken with a blackberry BBQ sauce that I prepared last night, whiskey marinaded wild sockeye salmon and back ribs with a maple syrup based marinade/sauce.

  2. f

    Cursing my local grocery as I am craving a gyro/kebab and wanted to homemake it rather than got to a restaurant, but they don’t sell the meat.

    Wandering lonely to the (metaphorical) sea, as my plans for today fell through and I can’t think of anything fun to do and don’t feel like doing anything practical.

    Thinking I should by some cigarettes so I can work on lyrics.

    Waiting for the Grinderman.

  3. Kelly: I tend to only have naps if I have a headache. Thankfully, not today, even with the rain.

    Um, I think I did last fall…not sure though.

    I eat salmon, and love it with a maple bbq sauce. Yum! So sans meat meat, that sounds quite good. Hope your whiskey salmon and ribs go over well!

    F: That’s too bad. I hate when you have something particular in mind and can’t access the ingredients readily. I’m thinking of making some homemade falafel, as I haven’t had any luck with it in restaurants here.

    Sorry to hear your plans fell through. I feel my day peaked too early, now I’m faffing about. I think your plans to work on some lyrics sound good. Sending some rain from here for more inspiration…

    Me too.

  4. – sitting on a chair which is part of the furniture piled into the middle of the room, cursing that I wasn’t able to finish painting last night, telling myself one more cup of coffee and then pick up that roller
    – wondering what I should make to bring to the potluck bbq we are attending tonight
    – also wondering if I can get that second coat of paint on today
    – doing a little sun dance for Van for next weekend

    Busy day!

  5. You’re almost there at least. One more coat! Painting always seems like a quick idea at the time. Thankfully if you ever decide to switch up the colour again, you won’t have to deal with all that wallpaper.

    The sun peaked out this morning. Keep dancing!

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