and we now return to regularly scheduled programming

The duvet was pulled out last night as the temperature hovered around 10’C (50’F), suddenly the thin flat sheet wasn’t cutting it. At least with the duvet in place, the window can remain open. There is something quite peaceful about waking up to a cold morning still huddled under the blankets.

I’m switching back to my regular hours this week (Sunday-Thursday), finishing up final reports for the summer students (which frankly requires too much math for this Arts student), and dreading that I will have no more part-time staff and will be stuck two days a week at our other facility with no computer and limited access to my work files. This also means I can’t take days off without closing a museum, which I’m not allowed to do. *fist shake* Well, on the plus side I did get a new high back swivel chair for my office (which I bought myself). Now I can lean back and do steeple hands much more effectively.

Been watching a lot of CanCon recently (oh Slings and Arrows I do love you so) and I can’t recall if I’ve posted this before but if you get a chance you should watch This Movie is Broken especially if you’re a BSS fan. I’m not so much, but do find them enjoyable in small doses. I picked it up more for the Bruce McDonald.

Something you stumbled across recently that surprised you?



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5 responses to “and we now return to regularly scheduled programming

  1. I certainly hope nobody else even thinks about sitting in your chair! That shall be your finger-steepling domain and yours alone.

    I’ve been doing a fair bit of stumbling recently, but nothing really surprised me anymore.

    Looking forward to seeing This Movie is Broken though!

  2. As much as I loved the 60s kitchen chairs, it’s nice to have a “grown up” chair. :)

    I was feeling that way about films a while back, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised recently.

  3. kelly

    I stumbled across some exposed roots and rocks on my most recent running location. Decided that a bit of trail running is in order. One really has to pay attention

  4. kelly

    that movie looks kinda sappy….where are the cars chases?

    The band broken social scene just played here a couple weekends ago at The Big Time Out.

  5. iduality

    I would probably have a twisted ankle if I stumbled across that.

    You can almost guarantee I’ll never post a trailer to a movie with car chases. Well, unless it has Bruce Willis in it and they’re making another Die Hard. ;)

    I think they were just here too.

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